How to remove program from startup

How do I remove a program from the startup list? Thanks!
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  1. in run type msconfig
    Then goto startup

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  2. Cool got it thanks!
  3. i have read this suggestion but need to ask how do i know what ones i can safely delete?

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  4. what have you got starting up now?

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  5. look under the command column at the directory it loads from. you can tell what it is by the name whether its an antivirus, video, or whatever. if ur not sure what it is, uncheck, reboot and see what happens. if the computer acts funny, recheck and reboot. do same for each one. if ur not sure what the program does look in the folder for a readme file or an .ini file. those will usually tell u what the program is for.
  6. what haven't i got it seems. i apologise but i am a novice.i am running a compaq evo n1000v with 2.0 G P4 and 256 M Ram using XP pro and novell as the home company start up system which i bypass (i think) as a standalone. at present according to task manager my cpu is running at around 8% but quite a lot of various times it locks up and flat lines at 100%. i tried to cut and paste the task list of the 50 processes to no avail. so is there a smart way to do this or can i use print screen and if so how?
  7. for dummies like me i haven't got a clue of the majority of the processes running by looking at the name apart from a few obvious ones (i think). hopefully i can learn more by listing some of the larger ones if it is safe to do so once i know how
  8. Sift thru the database links I have here...I'm sure you'll find what programs are running:
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  9. thanks alot. i used your links and came across a freeware program called pc forrest startman. it in turn has links to a site called paks-portal which has a pretty full list of the various programs running on startup. with these two sites i was able (as a novice) to eliminate alot of unecessary programs and easily improve my systems performance. thnks alot for your help
  10. I'm glad you got everything under control. The database links I have included that site, as well as a few others that cover startup programs fairly well, IMO. Anyways, great job on this one!

    Best wishes,

    P.S. I'm not sure about that freeware program you found, but a few people also liked <A HREF="" target="_new">Startup Control Panel from Mike Lin</A> (just FYI). :wink:

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