PC shuts down when I press WINDOWS BUTTON!

(Fresh installed Win7 Ultimate 64bit)

I used Aero Peek a couple of times earlier without any problem while multi-tasking. and after 15 minutes, this sh*t starts to happen!
When I press the Windows Button on my keyboard, my computer shuts down!!!! WTH?! :fou: I thought earlier that I just pressed it and clicked or highlighted the "shutdown" button on the start menu. But I have tried it a dozen times, that when I press the Windows Button, it really shuts down the PC. What's happening??
In fact this is the second time that I am posting this thread because I accidentally pressed the d*mn Windows Button again. Noooooooo!!!
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  1. Whats your regional setting in control panel set to? Could also be your keyboard profile map.
  2. F***! I was typing a quick reply on your post earlier then I pressed the d*mn windows button again and my pc shuts down. FML

    Anyway, regional setting is FORMAT: English (united states) Location: United states keyboard: English

    I didnt remap my keyboard.
  3. I am currently having the exact same issue, any help on this would be greatly appreciated!! :D
  4. me too facing the same problem. check your left ctrl key it mutes and unmutes volume. ?
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