What can I do with old laptop screens?

I have an old Dell and two old Thinkpads, all three of which have 17" screens that do 1600x1200. The systems are all at various stages of functioning, mostly not. But all three screens run fine and are actually super bright and very crisp. Although the host computers (old PIIIs) are pretty much done, seems like a waste of what are still good LCDs.

Any uses? Home security screens monitoring cameras, recessed into my walls? Bling bling TVs for my old car (joking)? Refashion them into a fancy three-way desktop display and figure out how to hook it up to my PC?

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  1. It's pretty hard to do much of anything with old laptop screens. Just about the only uses would be to rig them to laptops with similar connections. I'd think about taking the screens off and selling them on ebay or something to make a few bucks.
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