I have been reading the post by poeple defending this feature. And they are valid for the most part. But what I don't understand is why Intel did not hire some software people to write some new code/program to show off the new SSE2 if it is so vital at this time that people need to know that this is the main feature.

You would not bring out or buy a new car that will get 500 miles to the gallon if it uses a new type of theoritical fuel thats not available yet. You want to see the new car running on the new fuel first.

At least, I would before I bought one. Wouldn't you!

Take Care.
If money was no object, how could you spend it!
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  1. That would probably have been a good idea, but then again think it over. As long as I can remember nobody ever cared about those programs since the implementation time was very long ie. the T&L for the Geforce is yet to be seen and how about the MMX instructions on pentium??.

    You are right we might get a good idea of it's potetial but in the end we really know didly, narda, zip, nothing. And what counts is todays performance against todays processors, gpus you name it :smile: .

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  2. First let it be said I am a loyal AMD fan. Second let it also be said I am no fanatic. If Intel were to put out a better CPU for the price than AMD ( ok yes doubtfull at this time) I would buy it. SSE2 is a given. AMD will soon support it as well, so obviously it must have some merit. The success, or lack of it, will make or break the p4. You really don't think Intel is that stupid to let their entire future ride on a whim do you? For now the p4 is a practically useless piece of silicon, this however will change, and I don't suspect that it wil take as long as most think. As for now, we have already seen its potential as far as overclockability. What does this mean? Well for starters there is a lot of headroom in this chip. The fact that a first generation of chips is so easily overclocked probably tells us that this chip's core is good way past 2 maybe even 3 ghz. Right now it is like a ferrari with a twelve cylinder engine running on 8 cylinders. Not impressive by anymeans. But watch out AMD, when it gets its other 4 cylinders online you better have something ready to compete against it. Sledge/clawhammer? Maybe, lets us hope. Sure the t-bird is a lean mean processing machine, but how much more can be eaked out of its core before it starts running into headroom problems like the p3 at 1.13? What we have witnessed over the the past year is a good processor, the p3, reach it upper limits. Intel was forced to eak out every last miniscule mhz after being caught way of guard by AMD. We are all crazy to assume that intel will make the same mistake again.
    It is time for both the AMD and Intel diehards to lay down there arms, and reak the benefits of two companies (AMD and Intel) doing battle. Remember, it is not AMD vs Intel that really matters most, It is the consumer vs. the manufactorer thast really counts. Give us the best, and give us the best at a reasonable price!
    To what degree does a consumer owe Intel after force feeding us RAMBUS, a faulty MOBO recall and the p3-1.13 disaster? none!
    To what degree does the AMD fan owe AMD after giving us the slot a to replace it with the socket A in less than a year?And what about the vey fact of still no thermal protection on its CPU's?
    As you can see there is no good guy and no bad guy here just different shades of grey at best. The sooner we all stop playing the intel vs. amd game the sooner we all win.
  3. I agree 100% if there is another chip that gives similar performance at a better price I would buy that instead, I don't care what badge is in the chip...


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  4. How about checking out SpecCPU2000 results database (P4 and AMD results not there yet; P4 numbers taken from Intel website). This benchmark is compiled with optimizing compiler, and results are very impressive. Only high-end Alpha processors can surpass P4 1.5GHz in both integer and floating point intensive system level benchmarks. And the most important point is that SpecCPU is considered to be one of the best industry standard benchmarks, not any toy windows only benchmark. I cannot find AMD results from database, so I cannot compare to 1.2GHz Athlon right now, but beating UltraSparc-III 900MHz and majority of the Alpha processors sounds really good to me. I cannot promise that optimizing compiler will make P4 look good in every benchmark, probably there will still be weak spots for P4. But anyway, SpecCPU should reflect real life system level application performance pretty well and P4 is really shining in this it.
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