Installing first time Win 7 on a pre overlocked GPU


Please bare with me, I'm so totally noob on this.

Is it okay to install Win 7/8 for first time with a factory overclocked GPU? like asus DCU II Top or the gigabyte windforce OC? I've heared that installing an OS with a hardware that is overclocked you will get a system error?

Or should I just first install Win 7/8 and then after installation of the OS, I will put my GPU on my motherboard? Does my system will automatically detect it? Means, I will turned OFF my system, put my GPU on my motherboard and after it loads my system wil detect my GPU?
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  1. Yes, installing Win 7 with a factory OCed GPU will work just fine. Just install Windows as you normally would. After Windows is updated, install your video drivers and you'll be fine. No worries here.
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    its fine to install it on an overclocked gpu

    just installed windows 8 on gigabyte 7970 ghz edition

    edit--its only if you had an unstable cpu (processor) overclock that you might have an issue installing os
  3. Thanks, guys, I thought it involves all hardwares, so it's only in CPU. Can select more than 1 best answer , lol , thanks COLGeek and mcnumpty23.
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