Quicken 2004 won't print on windows 7

Quicken 2004 reports won't print on Windows 7. However I can print the text of Quicken help notes.
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  1. upgrade it..
  2. Brett928S2 said:
    upgrade it..

    This is a useless answer!!!! ... Quicken 2004 was the last version available in the UK ... it will not print from Windows 7. Still looking for answers

    ... anyone else know? I've tried everything I know ... to provide the answers to the other obvious questions people post in response..

    1) Yes, the printer is installed
    2) Yes, the printer is connected
    3) Yes, the printer is Powered On
    4) Yes, the printer driver is up to date
    5) Yes, the printer appears in the Print Menu in Quicken

    ... The printer appears on "Ne10" ... it's connected via USB ... not sure what Ne10 means.
    ... The printer is an HP Officejet J6410 (on Ne10)
    ... Also tried to print PDF from NitroPDF (on NE2)

    ... printing to a Physical printer causes Quicken to Hang, and the Printer to become unusable
    ... printing to NitroPDF gives the error "Creating PDF file... 16 milliseconds. The original document contains no data. No PDF file was created."

    Any solutions known? Available?

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