Screen in offset while games are in motion

So basically when ever i play games in eyefinity, 2/3 monitors have an offset somewhere in the picture but it only happens when i move the camera. also sometimes when a new level loads or i restart the game the offset moves. its very annoying because when i am running it looks like the is a distorted line going across the screen

can't take a screen shot of so i drew an example in paint

heres my system if it helps:
mobo: sabertooth p67 r3
cpu: i72600k
gpu: radeon 7970
ram: 8 gb vengence 1600

im using 3 dell u2412m, 1 is connected with dvi and the other 2 are connected with displayport(no adaptors)
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  1. that is screen tearing turn on VSYNC.
  2. ricardois said:
    that is screen tearing turn on VSYNC.

    it does it even on my desktop, i can see it when a drag a window across it, ive even enabled vsync through ccc
  3. Have you upgraded your video drivers?

    if you can, try going for display port in all 3 screen, this fix screen tearing for most of people who have it.
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