Why does my desktop windows 7 turn on by itself when im not around

I don't understand why my new desktop windows 7 will suddenly turn on when we're watching TV.
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  1. Go into your control panel and check your power management settings. Go into Control Panel; System; Performance Information and Tools; Adjust Power settings; Choose when to turn off -- check and make sure you have to never or like an hour
  2. Does this ONLY happen when you are watching tv? do you have anything on your tv or BlueRay player that has DLNA enabled that lets you browse your computer's pictures and such on your tv?
  3. Is it turning on from shutdown or from sleep mode?

    If it's only from sleep then right click your network adapter in device manager > properties> power management and make sure that "only allow a magic packet to wake up the computer" is checked.
  4. Look for some settings in the bios like "wake on lan" and disable it.
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