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I am considering upgrading my computer in the next couple of months and wondering what is the best bundle to go for? At the minute I think I am aiming for an AMD chip but open to suggestions.
I will need the upgraded processing power for my 3D work in 3D Studio Max r3 and for general web and CD based work.
I am a degree student in the UK and cost is an issue, I am currently considering an overclocked Duron 800 to 1Ghz. Should I be aiming higher to future proof my system??

Suggestions much appreciated
J (AKA Whitewidow)
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  1. If you are looking a couple of months down the road, then wait a bit. Look at the new 760 w/ DDR support. I don't know the prices, but that seems a more "future-proof" way to go... OTH .. future proofing nowadays means you will still be using it in 2 months.
    Just finished a Abit KT7-Raid (0) setup with two 30GB IBM /100 drives, 256MB PC-133 from Crucial, 900MHz Thunderbird, and an Oxygen vid card for Photoshop...wish I would have added more ram...I knew better. But it still performs very well.

    But...and it chaps me to say this....you may want to look into an intel sollution as they do extemely well for the type of apps you are running.

    but then again, you did mention a budget. compare your prices...by the time you add in your hotdog coolling monster heatsink/fans/liquid nitrogen/whatever you choose, to your Duron, you will be getting close to the Thunderbird prices. Just a thought....
    Have Fun

    'howz that for an indecisive decision?' 8-)
  2. I just posted the following to another user:

    This is what I am in the process of putting together.

    Abit KT7 RAID motherboard, Duron 600 Mhz, (pretested to 1000 Mhz), and OCZ Monster II Heatsink and fan. $217 for the combo (from OCZ.SAFESHOPPER.COM)

    128 MB pc-133 RAM, $75, from the same source.

    Midtower case, 4 5-1/4", 2 3-1/2", and 3 3-1/2" hidden bays, with 300 Watt power suply + case fan, $42 + $4.25=$46.25 from WWW.NIMBUSPC.COM

    Total cost=~$380 including shipping.

    I'm still waiting for the case and fan but I have everything else.

    p.s. OCZ.SAFESHOPPER.COM has other combos, both Intel and AMD powered, as well as many other things for overclocking projects.
  3. Forgot to mention. OCZ.SAFESHOPPER.COM will ship internationally.
  4. It ALL depends on how much $ you want to spend man. If I had all the cash in the world I'd get a T-Bird 1.2Ghz and overclock it. If I didn't, I'd get a Duron 800mhz and overclock it. The best CPU is obviously the T-bird 1.2Ghz w/ DDR memory. But when the P4 matures, it'll be a tie.

    -MP Jesse
  5. Well, a Duron 800 o/c 1G is okay, but choose a good motherboard, like the Asus A7V (VIA KT133 chipset) by far the best board for the Duron.
    Beware of some high end graphics apps afraid of AMD processors like teh SolidWorks99, you need their service pack 1 to run it in a AMD chip.

    Rest is fine...

  6. A lot of people here mentioned DDR ram. I think that's largely irrelevent since all you are running is 3DSMAX and the like of it (I suppose?), and according to tom's benchmark, DDR doesn't even make a slight difference here.

    Since you are on a budget, you can forget all the "intel solutions". Their dual processor system would not give you the bang of the buck and their Pentium 4 is a joke under 3dsmax. I think Duron OCed is the way to go here while maintaining an outstanding FPU performance (much needed by 3dsmax).

    Future proof? With all that even more brutal gigahertz race on the horizon, nothing much currently is future proof! Not to mention by the time you feel a need for another upgrade, 1.8Ghz Durons and dual processor Athlon motherboard should be reasonably priced by then.
  7. Seeing how you are using 3dstudio Max I think it first makes more sense to build your system from the video card down and not from the CPU up. This is were you should concentrate first.

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  8. I am considering the 1.2 T-bird w/DDR but i have only seen it available from MicronPC. Not that mircon doesn't build a fine PC but i wasn't able to customize it for my needs(wants). Does anyone know of another distributor??? I am starting to think i may have to wait out this year.
  9. The special is KT7 (not KT7 Raid) Mobo, Duron (overclocked to 1.0 Ghz), and a OCZ's own Monster II cooler for $217.99 at OCZ.SAFESHOPPER.COM

    Sorry, I misread it (and purchased the wrong special) thinking I was getting the KT7 RAID.

    Another special does include the KT7 RAID, 1 Ghz overclocked Duron, Monster II cooler, plus 128MB of OCZ Select PC-133 RAM. That special sells for $309.99
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