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I have looked all around the Internet and tried everything I could find and think of, but my new (refurbished, it's new to me) Gateway Laptop from Newegg ( < that one. I can load up windows fine and log in fine but when it gets to desktop, it freezes and becomes unresponsive. **Note: I can go into safe mode fine, that's how I'm on the internet right now. I have tried the MSCONFIG stuff, I have tried CCleaner, Malwarebytes, and Puran Defrag. I have also done two reinstalls of windows, and yet the problem still persists. Please, any feedback is welcome. :D
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  1. Also, I looked in the Event Viewer and it said I had Event ID 7001
  2. Here is a good place to start

    after you have a better idea of what is related to the 7001 event you can search for more answers.

    There is not an easy "one answer" for your symptom
  3. Well I know what you mean but I got 1101 of those error messages so it can't be just one. Also if safe mode works fine does that mean it is not a hardware problem?
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