Change video adapter

on notebook Asus A52JC

the CPUi5 450M , and it have IGP built on the CPU
(which i didnt knew)

and separte nvidia 310M 1GB GPU

when i turned the system on i saw that is uses intel' s graphic

i didnt knew where it came from until i checked in the device manager and discovered that the I5 CPU goat built in IGP (or something)

is it supposed to to act that way , like the intel uses nvidia on someway?

or it switched when it is needed?

if not how do i change it /./?
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  2. There is likely a utility from Asus that allows you to switch between the 2 GPUs. The Nvidia is for "performance" and the Intel is for increased battery life.

    Go to Asus or look at your installed apps to find. Have fun!
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