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I am looking around for a new gaming keyboard. I've always used logitech but not bound just to them.

I currently use
I do not like the orange glow, I prefer a blue glow. Also I do like the screen but with my new desk a lot of the times I don't pull the tray out far enough to see the screen so I don't know if its as helpful.

Also I've always wanted to but never setup macros for the G keys on my logitech keyboards. Does anyone have cool gimmicks they do with it?

Here is what I've considered
Seems decent, I like the scroll wheel for the sound, pressing the button on the G15 sucks.
More G-keys and the screen.
I've heard amazing things about mechanical keyboards, but the variation in quality in Razer concerns me.

Has anyone used these or have a favorite or recommend a different one. I scour reviews through different sites but I think this might give me a better feeling which to buy.
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    If you're going to spend that much on a keyboard, I think mechanical is the way to go. Maybe go to a local electronics store to feel the keys, because a lot of it is personal preference.

    Maybe check out the corsair k60 or k90.
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