Sony vaio PCG-71312L driver download for windows 7

cannot load new windows 8 pro on sony vaio laptop with new out of box internal western digital 500gig scorpio blue.
keeps telling me drive format is not recognized. If drive needs to be formatted how do i go about this?
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  1. I would recommend creating a Hirens Boot CD and utilize some of the options available to attempt to resolve your issue.

    There are options that will allow you to format the drive and then install Windows.

    BTW. Wrong forum, You're currently in the Windows 7 forums :)
  2. Thankyou for your responses. It seems the solution was built into windows 8 operating software as it has recognized that my new western digital was not formated, meaning it had insufficent space to load itself on. The solution was finally presented on i was shown drive partion size and format options i hadn 't noticed until the third or forth os eeinstall. After i finally loaded i unfortunately hated that wibdows 8 was not inuitve and freindly to my 3 year old non touch screen laptop so i found a copy of windows 7 home edition online and used my Key from bottom of laptop to activate licence. This seemed to work however windows keeps saying i still looking for my registration so they can activate my windows license. John
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