LG Flatron E2341 screen has waves

Hello, I purchased this monitor about 9 months ago and recently while playing a game I noticed that the background had waves in it, i thought maybe I had too many apps opened or something. It has reduced since then but I just noticed it in desktop also. It's pretty much only visible on grey backgrounds, and it's not really that bad but my waranty expires in a couple of months and i just wanted to know if i'd have to take it there. Any advice?
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    are you using VGA cable? that looks like normal analogic interferece, use a Digital cable will solve your problem (DVI/HDMI, etc)
  2. sorry about the late reply. Yeah i am using VGA cables, I have an HDMI cable but there's no place to plug it in the CPU.

    I just unplugged the VGA from my monitor and plug it back, i think it was loose perhaps.

    You were right, Thanks.
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