My 1 GHz AMD Tbird Dream Machine

Well, I should hold off calling it a dream machine because well, I am on a budget. So it isn't quite my dream machine. This is the hardware.

Motherboard - Asus A7V - $146
CPU - AMD Thunderbird 1 GHz w/Heatsink - $300
Hard Drive - IBM 45.0 GB, 7200RPM 75GXP - $197
Sound Card - Creative Labs SB Live! Value - $47.90
Modem - 3Com 56k V.90 PCI Performance Pro FaxModem - $67.50
3½ - Panasonic 1.44MB Floppy Drive - $13.90
DVD-ROM - Acer 16/40x DVD-ROM - $105
Burner - Plextor 12x10x32 - $235
Monitor - ViewSonic 19” PF790 .25 - $426
Speakers - Altec Lansing ACS45.2 Speakers w/sub - $58.00
Mouse - Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer Optical - $59.00
Keyboard - Microsoft Natural Elite Keyboard V2.0 - $22.00
Video Card - Creative Labs GeForce2 GTS 32MB - $221.99
Case - Enlight 7237 w/300w Power Supply - $62
Memory - Crucial 128mb SDRAM PC133 CL=2 - $91.79

That is the hardware stats. Do you guys like?

Anyone know how many 3pin fan headers are on the A7V?

What will I need to do after I have the hardware installed?

Will I need a hardware DVD decoder? I am buying the retail version of the DVD-ROM so I assume I will recieve some form of software decoder.
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  1. there are 3 3-pin fan plugs on the mobo

    cpu fan
    case fan
    power supply fan
    (correct me if i'm wrong)

    with the sound blaster live - known issue- go into bios and manually configure an irq... i forget which one but it's on the asus site ( and look in motherboard FAQ
    If you don't do that you'll have probs :)

    (i have the same system minus 200 MHz, but working on it )

    hope this helps
  2. I don't get it, you amd puppies cry about the P4 being too expensive and yet you are contemplating on paying thru the nose for this system.

    tom is so biased he walks like this /

  3. In order to replace the Athlon with a P4 in the dream machine, I have to change the GF2 to a TNT2, reduce to a 20gig HD and downgrade to a 17'' monitor for the same price.

    That will definitely defy the meaning of the dream machine, which should always be well rounded instead of a CPUID of 1.5Ghz ;)
  4. I never cried about the P4 being too expencive.

    I am not paying through the nose for this system.
  5. If you ask me that isn't an overpriced system at all, and to make it even better let's see you get ahold of a 1GHz PIII or above? Thank you.
  6. It wouldn't be a dream machine if it had Intel. Intel just sucks.

    And we're not crying about the price, either. We're crying about it's performance. It's <i>crappy</i> performance. Why should we pay $1200 for a piece of crap that runs like a P3?
  7. >>with the sound blaster live - known issue- go into bios and manually configure an irq<<
    Sorry, but what known issue with SB Live! I've used them for my A7V as well as KT7-RAID w/o any conflict problem. I thought it has problem with Coppermine but can be corrected by updating driver.
  8. Yeah I have a system very much like this, A7V, 1Ghz Athlon tbird, soundblaster live! value but 1 DIMM of 256megs pc133 cl=2 memory different CD burner, no DVD, smaller monitor, different hds, but whatever. About that whole SB live! deal, I've had no problems with mine. I might have different BIOS revision or something no idea. I got all this for good price, and I payed $100 more for the memory than I would have to now. It costs a hell of a lot less than a p4 and performs just the same if not better in the software I use. I don't even play Q3(I'm a UT and Cstrike devotee) but if I did, why would 30+ fps over an 1.2 athlon in 640x480 software mode make a lick of difference? Who in god's name runs Quake 3 in software mode? Why not spend the price difference between a 1.2 athlon and 1.5 P4 on a kickass graphics card...?
  9. I agree. I would be ashamed to use a P4 anyways! lol
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