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Monitor flickering on startup

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
April 8, 2012 10:30:29 PM

I am using Compaq Presario, 2.93 gigahertz Intel Celeron and Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3 (build 2600). My monitor is Samsung SyncMaster 731B. It flickers very fast at start up for about 30 minutes and then if I push the power buton on and off repeatedly for around 10 minutes the flickering slows down until the monitor stays on. This process used to
take only about 5 min. I have looked at various threads online with few results, and have tried "troubleshoot" to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.

May 7, 2012 9:02:28 PM


The most common cause of display flick on older LCD monitors is power supply issues. There are parts called capacitors that will begin to fail and when they do they can't filter the output voltage correctly so you get the wavy display or flickering display. You can rebuild the power supply board by replacing the capacitors, its very easy to do if you or someone you know can solder. Here is a link to a parts kit to rebuilt the IP-35155 power supply board that is used in the 731B monitors.

I hope this helps.