Problems lenovo IdeaPad Y560 Laptop - 06465AU - Black

i am planning to buy IdeaPad Y560 Laptop - 06465AU - Black(Core i5 460M with ATI radeon 5730 1gb card)
as compare to Dell studio14 core i7 740QM with ATI radeon 5450 1gb card
i am confused to buy which one as my requirement is gaming(fond of latest game),internet,movies.
i am also confused regarding the battery life,cooling vents and autocut mechanism of chargers (when gets fully charged as in the case of Dell) of lenovo.Please give your suggestion as i am planning to buy within 2-3 days
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  1. to addon is there also issues regarding screens of lenovo IdeaPad Y560 Laptop or is it resolved??
  2. Well I heard the viewing areae isn't great on the lenovo however I am not sure the Studio 14 is any better.

    I would not do more than an i5 in the Y560 as I have heard of heat issues (I was very close to buying one the other day)

    but that 5430 card is not going to let you game as well as the 5730

    Probably 1/2 the performance of the 5730..... so if you want a gaming rig get the lenovo or shop a bit more for something else like a sony F series will be around the same range.
  3. i am also using lenovo y560 with i7 720 it is great ....... no problem with screen ...... as u r planing to buy i5 in y560 it comes with switchable graphics so it will not heat up morre as of i7 models ...... far far better then dell 5450 gpu ....... heat will be the issue with all gaming laptops because of bigger gpu and cpu...... so better buy a cooling pad and enjoy playing games ........
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