Programs install in various folders, why?


I installed Win 7 home premium on 128GB SSD, and have a 2TB HDD available. I noticed that I can "move" my Users folders into my HDD. I have resorted to not to moving the entire Users folder as not to mess things up.

So, I have created a folder in my HDD so that I can save everything else I download there so as to leave SSD just for windows and some apps like my antivirus.


I tried downloading Steam!!! I was able to direct it to my preferred folder that I created on my HDD. However, upon further inspection, I noticed that the little bugger had gone ahead and created a file in my SSD!!!!The nerve of that thing....

TO make things more complicated, Chrome did the same thing, or worse. It won't even allow me to tell it where to install. It just goes ahead and pretends as if I don't exist. It installs things where ever it desires.

So I guess those two are good examples of what is yet to come upon my poor SSD. Can you please help me? Can I just find the files I don't want to be on my SSD and move them? (Maybe not?!)

Thank you very much.
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    Whenever you install a program or application, parts of it must be installed on the internal system drive otherwise that program would not run. You cannot force a program to install itself entirely on to a non-system or external drive. Windows doesn't work like that.

    The only exception is with portable applications that do not have to be installed (you simply copy the program's files to any destination of your choice).
  2. Usually programs like that move all there files on the Hard Drive or SSD Drive that the OS was installed at,for the most part you can move the files that come from programs like Google Chrome and such or atleast from my knowledge
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