Need help finding external video capture

I’m in search of an external video capture device.
Not DV, but for analog, and it’s got to be cheap. (under $350)

Any suggestions?

Everyone says that the Dazzle devices really suck, so I’m looking for something else.

Thanks guys!


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  1. Pinnacle System makes a external video capture devide(USB2.0) and it includes a TV Tuner. It allows you to record video in real time from broadcast, cable, digital receivers, VHS and DVD
    players. It is called PCTV deluxe. They cost under $200.00.
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  2. Thanks man, I've used the Pinnacle stuff before.
    I have a D30, It's good hardware but they never keep up with the software drivers. Thanks for looking up the portable solution, I'll be reading up on it.

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