Laptop battery life cut in half after motherboard replacement.

Hey I am stumped, I got my motherboard replaced for a burnt up power jack and now the battery life went from 2 hrs to less than 1hr on a full charge, it is at 57% now with only 41 mins time remaining. What could be the problem any ideas? could the repair place have done something wrong?
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  1. First, try to make sure your power settings (advanced and all) are the same as before. Replacing the mobo could reset that.
    Also, see if the mobo is the same make/model as the old one, because an upgrade, due to unavailability of the old model, even if it physically fits inside the laptop, could mean a world of difference in terms of performance and power consumption.
    Lastly, battery swapping could cause the same symptoms (if you catch my drift...).
  2. Hey thanks for the response but I just figured out the problem and it feels good haha...okay so I noticed my fan was running a lot more and my laptop was running I checked task manager and a USB tablet driver was constantly running using 50% of my CPU, this was sucking my battery power, it's back up to 3 hrs @ 100% charge.
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