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So basically, I just received my new notebook (Asus N61JQ-A1) and instantly installed a clean version of Windows 7 Ultimate and got rid of the packaged Windows 7 Home.

Because I wiped the notebook clean, I then decided to use the CD that came with the notebook to install all the drivers onto my computer using a standard user account. It was installing just fine and then my computer suddenly restarted. No problem, I'll just log back onto my standard user account and start over again. After the installation goes a while again, it restarts. Wondering if it was restarting due to installing on just a standard user account, I decided to try installing on my administrator account. So I let the installation go again but on administrator this time and I realize that all the restarts were part of the installation process. The installation restarts again after installing many programs and then I log back onto my standard account to finish the installation process.

Sorry, that was the long and detailed story. But basically, now I'm stuck on my standard user account missing like eight programs that were installed when I was on administrator. How do I go about having all the programs available on my standard account? I don't know which programs were installed under administrator. I tried using system restore to hopefully start over fresh but it failed on three different restoration points.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you,
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  1. If you make your login with Administrator privileges, it might show you the programs you are looking for.

    This might help you with your driver concerns...
    Go to http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/4502-63-windows-tips
    Read the post dated 03-26-2010.
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