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Brand new Windows install. Downloaded drivers and windows updates. Went to IE to download MSE and typed this into the default search engine. Did not click on any of the search results, instead typed in the URL bar and downloaded my antivirus.

Do I have any unwanted content or security breach from typing a search into bing? How do I remove that?
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  1. I doubt it.
    - If that is all the information related to the problem then chances are your PC is virus/malware free.
  2. Thanks Scott. Just wanted to make sure.
    On another note, now my Create System Image is failng.
    After installing antivirus I went to create a system image. Win7 is on my SSD, and I wanted to save image onto my 1TB mechanical hard drive. It stopped at about 80% and then wouldnt show any more progress. I waited a half hour then clicked Stop. It then remained on the 80% progress but said "Stopping" and is stuck. Whats the issue here?
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