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Hello dear users,

I am having some problems with my girlfriends laptop. And to be honost i am not sure what the reason for the troubles are. Therefore by posting here i hope some of you might enlight me in what the problem consist of.

Problem description
It concerns an Acer travelmate 7520g laptop (running on windows 7 ultimate - 64b)that have started to show a blue screen and then shut down.

My girlfriend have been so kind to take a photo of the bluescreen which i have added as a link in the bottom of this page aswell as a link to the laptop.

The problem occurs when she is fx playing a game. there seems to be a inregualarity in when it shuts down. Because sometimes she can play for 20 min and then it shuts down. Other times she can use it for hours. A friend suggested that it could be the graficcard drivers. So we updated them, But unfortinly that did not solve the issus.

So i am thinking that its either a software problem or its overheating. But if anyone have a suggestion or idea from the description or the photo pls enlighten me :D

Side question
quick side question: What is the max temp a laptop should have in idle mode aswell as full load?

Notebook link

Bluescreen link

I thank you in advance for any help or advice you can give me.
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  1. Don't hesitate to contact Acer Tech Support if you have not done so already.

    Did you try the ATI drivers from the Acer website (8.635 or 8.593) or the AMD/ATI drivers (10.10) from The fact that Acer still offers much older drivers might be a factor. Regardless of which ones you installed, I would try the others to see if there is an improvement.

    Does the laptop crash only with certain games or all PC games? Does it crash while watching a movie? Does it crash if you run a benchmark test?

    If yes , these would indicate that there might be an overheating issue.

    To test that, can you test the laptop while playing a game in a cooler environment? Perhaps outside on a cool evening (0 C or 30F) if it is winter in your area.

    Or can you remove any the panel(s) on the bottom (hopefully near the graphics chipset) while playing? Maybe some of the heat will escape.

    Or can you bring the laptop to a local store that sells laptop coolers and actually test it running a game while ontop of a laptop cooler?
  2. Usually its Windows interfering with another software. Could be any kind...

    I had it when using a fake Windows version (For testing, Windows 7 Red Edition).
    If you have it a lot, we'd recommend you install all latest drivers of your laptop.
    Driver website section:

    If this is not helping, contact Acer. Tho they may not help that much :S
    Acer Customer service last time i checked were unfriendly with my kind and fair question...
    PS: you have a kind girlfriend there :D
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