Who has the slowest PC in THG

surprise to find my colleague still his very old pentium 100

we always talk about the fastest dream machine.
I wonder who's still using the older system and can contest for the slowest PC in THG.
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  1. I've got a 486 66 but it probably doesn't count as I've got a newer system I use most of the time.
  2. My mum and dad also use a pentium 100. However, until reacently, I was using a very beaten up 286 at 10MHz with a huge 1MB of ram and a massive 42 meg harddrive!!! Hmm, things appear to have progressed a little over the years!

    Fat Chucky
  3. Suckers! I have an old 286! Guess how fast it is.... <b>10MHz!!!!</b> heheheheheh....... 40 megabyte hard drive, LOL
  4. While I don't use it, I have an old 1986 PC based on the venerable 8088 (I believe it runs at 3 mHz, but not to sure). It was my brothers and he was going to dump it. I took it, along with the phosphor-burned yellow monitor. It gives me an date error (obviously, not Y2K complient) on boot up and it takes forever to check it's measley 1MB of system RAM.

    It also has a 10 MB hard drive, ISA video, no mouse, DOS 2.0 and WordStar!!!
  5. Got some NEC 20 Notebook runs at 8 mhz clock
    got 640 Kb memory
    and a 64 KB! HD (some kind of memory disk )
    in japanese and dos 3.1 (also japanese)
    got some 286 12 Mhz with 287 and 4 Mb ram !
    386 sx 20 , 386 dx 25 ,386 dx 33, 386 dx 40 ,486 dx2 66,
    486 dx2 80, p 66, 2xp166 mmx.. (peeuh... all working )

    -<font color=red><b>R.K.</b></font color=red>
  6. heh... I got an Amiga 500 -- 68000 Motorola, 512K RAM (OK, OK, so it was upgraded to 1MB later on:), 880k floppy disk
  7. one of my colleages (Consultant Developer) still uses a 486 dx2 66 at home , His laptop is faster than his home PC .....


    one of the first UK T-Bird users....
  8. I have an old Apple that i save from dumping. it has screen,disk drive, it has a printer once, but it was stolen together whith 1/2 of the cable. Inside there is sticker that saz 1978. It hase z80 chip,it starts ,but i dont know how to operate it . I olso have an PC XT + color monitor.
    It is so clean inside and outside that i can't trush it.
    Enybody interested?
  9. I still have (and use) my Commodore 64. I can't help it if game companies today just can't make story lines as entertaining as they were in C=64 games. Legacy Of The Ancients rocks. :)

    Somewhere a Tandy 8088 (that doesn't even have a hard drive) is crying because I don't use it anymore.

    My 486-66 is happy just to still be hooked up and occasionally used while I'm busy burning CDs or downloading on my Celeron-500.

    My P1-133 died. :( That was a sad occasion. I just couldn't see putting more and more money into keeping it running when it'd be cheaper just to buy a new system.

    And my Celeron-500 is that new system that I bought. It's the fastest computer that I have at present.

    One day, when I'm rich, I'll buy a new system that costs too much and I can brag about it to all of my friends.

    Until then, I have my C=64. :)

    Does a TI-85 count as a computer? It does have it's own programming language and graphics system. I wrote a Break-Out clone for it, so I'd personally call it a computer.

    - Anything can be fixed with duct tape, a swiss army knife, and WD-40. :)
  10. I have an old Zenith 286. It has no hard drive, dual 5.25 floppies and a green monochrome monitor. Even though the computer has EGA capabilities. I only use it for little programming things of course- nothing hard like web browsing etc.
  11. I got a nice little 2MHz 8086 :)
    20mb harddrive! 4 Color CGA!!!! :D

  12. Beat this:

  13. Timex sinclair 1000a @ 4.77 Mhz
    membrain keyboard and composite video
    150 baud modem and tape drive
    16k ram
    no HD
    And it still works
  14. How about a Commodore VIC20, the predecessor to the commodore 64. Haven't used it since I was a boy. It's got 16K of RAM! It doesn't even have a floppy drive but runs off of an external cassette tape drive (you know, like the audio cassettes that you put in a walkman?). Most of the time, it had to read through the entire tape linearly to get the data that it needed. If your data was at the end of the 60 minute tape, you had to wait 60 minutes for it to load.

    Oh yeah, it does have a port on the back in which you can squeeze ROM software cartridges into, much faster than the tape drive but of course, you couldn't save onto them...

    Oh the good old days of personal computing - No Giga, No Mega, it was all about the Kilo.

    HO Ho ho.


  15. Want me to dig up my Coleco Adam? I think it still works. =)
  16. Well, PC-wise my old 8088 still boots for some old games I have. It has a blazing fast clock speed of 4.77Mhz, 640k of ram and dual 360k floppies.
    Non-PC I have an Atari 800: MOS 6502 @ 1.79 Mhz, 48k ram, 180k floppy, and a great color plotter. The processor has to be disabled during video DMA so depending on the video mode it actually runs at 1.2-1.7Mhz.
  17. The slowest in my house is a K6-2 450. However, the system I maintain at work (which could be considered a computer in a prehistoric sort of way) uses 8088, 8086, and Z-80 processors. There might even be an 8008 in it somewhere. It has about 100 of them per system. They are slow, but, they are... slow. ;)

    Just a little something to laugh at. The system has 4 memory cards which function as a sort of hard drive. 256kb per card. Wanna guess how much they cost?

    OK, since there is no way anybody will possibly get it, they cost $250,000 a piece. Yup, $1,000,000 for 1Mb of memory.

    Wanna laugh some more?

    It's flash page memory.

    That always gives me a good chuckle.
  18. Hey, that's great! My 800 died a few years ago.

    I remember paying about $800 for it in 1980. Cost me about $60 bucks to upgade one of the 8KB modules to 16KB by either replacing the DRAM chips or piggy-backing them. I can't remember which. That's $60 for 0.008 MB of RAM (by today's standards) or $7500/MB.
  19. How about my 512k Amiga 500 or my 2Mb Amiga 600 with 40Mb Harddrive, but i don´t use them anymore.. Oh i still use my 128kb Atari Portfolio! But it think my Nokia 6210 is faster and has more options (next to making phonecalls that is)... But it lacks a keyboard..

    Anyway, i am rather happy with my new Thunderbird 800 now...
  20. Well, I also still have my Commodore 64 with the 5 1/4 floppy drive. I still have my old Panasonic KX-P1091 dot matrix printer, chugging along connected to my old Packard Hell 486 running an AMD 5x86 @ 133 and W95OSR2.5.

    Still, gotta admit, that C-64 still has the fastest boot time I ever seen. And, with no RTC, it's Y2K compliant ;-)>
  21. Well, I have a old (was new a year ago) K6-II 350, but I still have my old PC NEC V30 CPU running at 4.77 MHz(!) (compatible to 8088!) with 1.2 MB and 360 kb 5.25" floppy drives. It has 640 kb of RAM, and *NO* hard disk (i dint find any 8 bit IDE controller to get into the 8 bit ISA slots to put them on) teh i/o card has 2 serial, 1 parallel and 1 floppy drive header.

    I hope I get some upgrade options for that :-)

    Its still running by booting from floppy disk. Anybody has windows 1.25 (that booted from floppy disk worked in real mode and used the disk in the floppy drive for virtual memory.....), pls tell me

  22. I collect old programs and games so I have win 1
    and win 1.03,2,2.?
    dos 2 and other ..

    -<font color=red><b>R.K.</b></font color=red>
  23. Not a pc,but I still have a Sinclair ZX81 with a 16kb ram expansion and the worst keyboard ever.It's holding my door open as I type this.
  24. DOS 1.0 on cassette tape new in the box
    Been keeping this gem intact
  25. I just retired my 286 Case and power supply which I have owned from 1987. It served me from the 12.5 Mhz 286 upto the 7th and last motherboard, an FIC 503+ with a AMD K6-2 running at 412 Mhz. That powersupply was bulletproof. I would have kept using it but all motherboards are ATX now and the Duron needs a 300 watt power supply.
  26. got dos 3.1 in original package with the plastic still on!

    -<font color=red><b>R.K.</b></font color=red>
  27. ok, you win. even though i have a C128 right behind me ;)

  28. I'm not sure of this, but i belive the 8088 started
    at 4.77 MHz in PC's

    This is the best thread i have read in a long time lol
  29. In my attic, I've got a _very_ old RM Nimbus 8086 with 400k ram, and two 3.5in floppies. Apparently, it's one of the first PCs that used 3.5's, and the rare 8086. It also has a nice monochrome green Phillips monitor.

    I also have an Apple IIe with two external 'Winchester' hard disks the size a desktop case. Thirdly, I've got a toshiba laptop with a tiny screen about four times as wide as high, and a customised version of dos running on a primitive 286.

    I know I'm not the competition winner, but I just like being nostaglic about the good old times... ;)

    I just wish classic PCs accumulated value like classic cars :0
  30. Still have the old IBM PCjr in service. It prints address labels and such on an old okidata pin printer.

    Don't know much about it. 64kb of ram expanded to 128. Runs dos 1.1 on 5.25" floppy. Has the basic programming language cartridge, but I never use it. Runs a 16 color monitor though!

    I think it's based on the 8086 processor. Anyone sure about this?

    Funny. Still have the original boxes and manuals. Receipts too. Paid almost $3000 canadian for the setup at computerland in 1984. Yikes!

    Wish I could find some of the memory expansion modules that plug into the side of the machine. I could install a controller card and mfm hard drive too. Then I could change the clock crystal to overclock! Then it would really smoke!


    Guess I don't miss the old days as much as I thought.
  31. My 8088 still works perfectly. It has an IBM logo on it. One 1.2 MB 5-1/4 and 360kb 5-1/4 floppy drive. It also has 640kbytes memory and a 256kbytes Trident Video card (...wait, it comes later, since my ega monitor broke down, I have to replace the 8 bit ISA EGA 64kb card with a 16 bit [the last pins are not connected] ISA VGA card to match with the monitor), 21 MB HDD, the broken EGA 9" monitor can do at most 640X200 resolution. I also have a very old Apple IIe computer dated back in 74. The Apple Basic can still be used :-)
  32. Does an Atari 2600 count? Or a 1980 Atari arcade machine?
  33. I've got an old Radio Shack TRS-80

    The Model I was first sold on August 3, 1977 at a price of $599.95. It began with a 4K Level I System, which was soon replaced by a 16K Level II System. The Level II (first model) was updated to include a numeric keypad.
    The Model I was discontinued in January of 1981 due to its failure to meet the FCC's Radio Frequency Interference rulesd.
    CPU: Z-80 (1.77 MHz)
    RAM: 4K-48K (4K Standard, Expandable to 16K in the Unit - Additional 32K through Expansion Interface)
    ROM: 12K
    Language: Microsoft Basic (in ROM)
    VIDEO: 12" RCA white-on-black monitor (16 lines x 64 characters text; 48 x 128 graphical 'squots')
    I/O: 250 Baud (Level I)/500 Baud (Level II) Casette (5 Pin DIN), Video Out (5 Pin DIN), Power (5 Pin DIN), Printer Port (40 Pin Edge Connector)
    I/O Option: Expansion Interface which would house a RS-232, Disk Drive Controller, Printer Port, and up to 48K RAM.
    I/O Option: 5 MB Hard Drive
    I/O Option: Exatron Stringy Floppy
    Storage: Casette. Optional 89K Floppy Drive (with DOS) / 102K (without DOS) -- 184K Floppy if Double Density was user installed.
    Option: Voice Syntesizer (Radio Shack)

    Mine still works A-OK. I still have software on tapes for it.

    (check out http://mate.kjsl.com/trs80/ for more info)
  34. You may be correct. I really am not sure how to tell how fast this beasty is.

    Who knows, maybe it was one of those rare 80186 I just heard about?
  35. Wow, the old PC Jr, I still remember those. I remember the Charlie Chaplin ad on TV for it.

    Which of those wonderful keyboards do you have for it; the membrane covered one or the Chichlet key one?
  36. My first computer was the Commodor16

    There for i had an ATARI but i dont know wich version

    These machines where slow. 8 bit graphics
  37. Hey I had Vic20. Its still works and all. I thought I nackered it when I was a kid but about 3 years ago I took it apart out of curiosity. All that was wrong was the video output box was shot, so I reconfigured it for a 21 scart socket.
    Do you remember the games? Amok, Jetpak, Frogger, Asp.
    You needed to boost the Ram with a Ram module that had either 8 or 16Kb depending on the game, and these modules were 7" x 4" x 1".
    Talk about stoneage.
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