Problems with USB and Booting

I was wondering whether someone could help me, i've got 2 quick questions.

1) After the computer is turned off for extended periods of time, for instance overnight, it will not boot back up. I shut it down through windows at night and then when i go to start it up the next morning it will not start. The only way i can get it started is to disconnect the power supply and leave it for a couple of minutes, then when i plug the power supply back in, everything starts working then dies after 3 secs, and then if i push the on button the computer boots normally. Any suggestions ??

2) using win me i can't the usb ports to work.

My system is:
1 GHz Thunderbird
Asus A7V mobo rev 1.02, bios 1004d
256 mg ram
7200 western digital 20Gb hd
300 W power supply - aopen case
Diamond V770 Ultra vid card

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  1. Try holding in the power switch for a few seconds the default is to put a delay on it , you may find that ME does not shut down properly...


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  2. Another thing to make sure of is to make sure you've got hibernate disabled, as ME has some issues with hibernate and USB devices. Check your BIOS power management settings. I'd disable everything (I usually do anyway) to make sure problem isn't being caused by BIOS/Windows power management(APM or ACPI) conflicts.

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  3. I agree, the hibernate function, and a few other functions, are buggy with win me. If you have a copy of win98se I suggest you reformat and install it as win me, while it does have a few cool features, is an underachiever. In fact in Tom's review the only thing it performed better on is netscape. I am a bit biased since I ran winMe for three months and it drove me nuts. I do miss the extra msconfig options though. But if all else fails, go back to 98.
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