We shouldn't have "Answer this" on a sticky.

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  1. amdfangirl,

    Why not, if its doesn't have a reply? That's our general message for any thread without a reply.

  2. It gives the impression you can answer a sticky that's closed (because we don't want people to answer/add anything to it as a closed sticky).
  3. I think the issue is not that you can reply to stickies (because some exist purely for discussion purposes), but that the option is seemingly available for closed threads. Note that clicking this button won't actually let you reply, but IMO it shouldn't even be visible for a closed thread, at least not for standard users (although mods/admins can't reply to closed threads either).
  4. Hey,

    I see, I didn't realize its there for closed threads. I agree, it should be changed. However, that might be a difficult task. We'll need to find out from the programmers if its easily doable.

  5. Worst case scenario is you can just hack it with a bit of JavaScript.

    $(".closed").parents(".hlisting").find(".updates a").remove()

    Problem solved :lol:
  6. I like how randomizer translates my babble into Programmer's English.
  7. Hey Randomizer,

    Thanks for the code! I just heard from our devs that they will be able to do this :)

    Thanks again,
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