Does Windows 7 RC support Malwarebytes?

I loved malwarebytes on XP, I never really used it in Vista, and I think it should work with Windows 7, but I would like to be sure first. And does anyone know if Mcirosoft is going to lower the upgrade prices on Windows 7? I doubt, but would love a second opinion. Thanks in Advance
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    Yes, it works fine for me.

    As for the prices, I'm pretty sure that they're set as they are. Probably won't come down for a while.
  2. Come down in Price? As far as Microsoft is concerned, what else are you gonna do? It's not like you'll flock to Linux or something :D. Anyway the price of Win 7 won't come down till it's been out for a while. The only way to get it cheaper (per license anyway) maybe is to buy a pack of licenses from somewhere. Those are usually cheaper since MS will lower the price just enough to try and get business customers to upgrade.
  3. ok, thanks guys
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