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hey guys maybe you can help me out. Today I went out and got an ASUS A7V and a 1ghz T-Bird. I was pretty excited after all the talk about Athlons speed. (I switched from a pentium) I was dissapointed though when i put my GeForce 2 in to play Counter-Strike whenever I play it locks up. Same thing happens to my brother on his Athlon. in Windows it works fine no problems why is it doing this in the games? I heard Athlons and GeForce's dont get along well so I looked for a patch but I cant find one?! can somebody help me please!!!!!!
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  1. No, it was the Geforce and the original AMD Athlon chipset that didn't work together. I don't know why you would be having lock up's with that setup.
  2. it usually lets me play for about 4 seconds and then it locks up... no matter what game.. if im using the card for direct3d or opengl it locks, if i just ue software im fine but software sucks...
  3. I have the same combo and it runs fine. Those aren't the only possible problems though. Who made you gf2? What kinda power supply do you have? And the big one- how are you cooling your case? Geforces and athlons are two hot components and a heat sink on your chip and the little fan on that graphics card is not enough. Try a card cooler from or an equivilant. These help, but since counter strike is graphic intensive, it makes since that it would overheat your card then and not during regular windows operation. And yes I speak from experience having had the same problem with both a tnt2 ultra card and a geforce ddr. try running the games with your case opened and a floor fan blowing on it. If that works then you know your problem. IF it doesn't don't rule out heat.
  4. I have a golden orb on the Athlon a 220% bigger heat sink than regular GF2 heatsinks the case is open on the floor with an oscilating fan blowing in it, and i have 4 other case fans dragging air back and forth my problem isnt heat... it runs at 116 degress F... and it does it in all games as long as it tries to use opengl or d3d....
  5. Have you even tried different drivers, BIOS updates, VIA 4 in 1 drivers, and reference drivers? Make sure you read the "read me" files because believe it or not, they do contain information for preventing conflicts/lockups. Also, try DX8.

    -MP Jesse
  6. im using the most resent bios detonator 3 form nvidia. the newest drivers from creative... and ive already installed the via drivers.... I would love to have dx8 but the only site i know where to get it from is down :(
  7. I used to have the lock-up prob with OpenGL/DX on mine (I have an A7V, Duron, TNT2) and I finally found the problem which wasn't in the drivers or hardware. In my case, the video card and sound card were assigned the same IRQ by windows. After disabling a bunch of excess hardware to get the video card and sound card on their own irqs, everything worked fine.

    A7V has a lot of stuff on it so disable the stuff you don't need (like the extra ATA100 controller unless you use it).

  8. dude, you can get it from MS.
    that's where i got mine =)

    -MP Jesse
  9. yes, irqs must be seperate I think the graphics card's default is 11. Make sure that's all that's on 11. But agreed cooling is definitly not your problem.
  10. the only single (master) PCI slot on a A7V is number 3.
    so plug your sound card in that one.
  11. maybe get bios update and check your video source is apg in the bios
  12. Also, what power are you using. I used a generic power supply in a system that I built and had the same issue. Anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes the system would lock up in games. Only after I put in an AMD approved power did the problem go away.
  13. The problem could also be that the motherboard is using a VIA chipset. I've heard a LOT of people run into problems with VIA chipsets. And usually those problems are around devices that VIA claims aren't meeting industrial standards ... such as video cards, audio cards, and cheap memory sticks. Yet other chipset companies don't have problems like that using the same hardware and some of the devices that don't seem compatible are pretty high end. It makes you wonder.

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  14. I think is your PSU causing the problem. You need a 300W PSU, although 250W should be doing fine, a lot of people running into problems particulary those who plug in some too power hungry VGA card.

    With today's Athlon, you can play anything out from the box with only the OS and the appropriate VGA card driver + VIA 4 in 1.

    Those tips about downloading latest BIOS, drivers, etc.... are to get more fps. They generally works well without them.
  15. All of the geforce2 cards are power hungry.

    1. Make sure you both have good Power supplies 300w or better, the geforce cards and athlons alike need a clean steady power supply. The issue with the older motherboards was that the AGP slot was not providing enough power to the geforce graphics cards.
    2. Make sure you installed the Via 4in1 driver FIRST when installing windows on any the new machine.
    3. Make sure there are no IRQ conflicts, if you have the pci slots available try leaving the top pci slot by the agp slot open.
    4. Betcha this works... Try upping the I/O(NOT CORE) voltage to 3.5 instead of the default 3.3, I've seen this help many people who are having instability problems, myself included. All the geforce2 cards like the higher 3.5 I/O voltage. I couldn't run 3dmark2000 or play quake3 for extended periods of time at 3.3 volts, but at 3.5 no hiccups at all.


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  16. Is there any overclocking in your system? I have had problems due to either CPU or video card overclocking. I don't trust the new detonator drivers either. I am using the Asus drivers for my GF2. That IRQ problem is a possibility too. I totally disagree that it is a CPU conflict. The AMD CPUs are completely compatible with Intel. I would distrust windows or driver software before anything else.

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  17. Tahnks for all the help guys. i finally got it figured out after throwing the Live! card into different slots and assigning different IRQ's... took a while but i finally got it..
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