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i plan on using an Eye Tech TM4 eye tracking device with grid2 software. wonder what computer would offer best performance. you have the eye tracking software continually running and multiple windows on the net plus music and music or video downloading. i also download and service payroll for my care givers. it will be used at least eight hours a day. budget on laptop is $2000. really want speed and reliability and was considering a gaming setup because they seem to have everything so and maybe asus g73jw a1 ?
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  1. ASUS G73JW is a good choice.But how much battery life do you want ?
  2. i really won't be taking this with me in the wheelchair and don't see using the battery much so not a concern. just wanted feedback from people who have maybe used or worked with someone who used a stand alone eye tracker with a laptop. i could also use general advice on the versatility of gaming machines versus others.
  3. Generally gaming laptops are significantly less powerful than their desktop counter parts;furthermore,they provide less battery life and more heat compared to lower spec'd notebooks but some of them(such as G73) are a good desktop replacement.
    Here is the ASUS G73JW Owner's lounge thread which will give you the idea of its performance and user reviews
  4. thank you and very helpful
  5. No problem,glad i could help :)
  6. ok read some material you suggested and im computer illiterate compared to most members :( anyway went to agear website and went to the customizer. i think the 740qm is enough processor and the upgraded thermal compound is inexpensive enough but is the performance difference enough to justify the cost to upgrade from ddrr3-1066 to 1333 ? same question with respect to having primary hd be 160gb ssd versus sata 500gb 7200rpm disc ? memory adds $249 ssd is $449.
  7. Definitely go with the HDD upgrade,because going from DDR3 1066 to 1333 won't give you a noticeable boost in gaming performance;whereas, getting a SSD will significantly lower your load/boot times(compared to HDDs)
  8. oh very good and that is the kind of knowledge someone such as myself needs because computer performance is so subject to usage that you really do have to have some assistance in making intelligent decisions on hardware. i have learned something today so thank you my friend.
  9. No prob :) Hope you enjoy your new laptop
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