Printer won't print; "Empty" cartridge

My printer says the black toner cartridge is empty and won't print anymore pages until I change it with a new one. But there's still ink in it because all the last print outs were great. Can I make my printer keep printing without replacing the cartridge? It's a Samsung CLP-300. The black toner's "empty" light is on on the printer and the SmartPanel (Samsung Printer software) says it's empty as well.
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    Some vendors have setup their equipment so that the printer reports a cartridge as empty when there is quite a bit of ink left.

    The official reason is so that people don't run the ink dry and damage the printhead. But I'm sure the secondary reason is that they sell more ink cartridges that way.

    You'd have to contact Samsung customer support for this.
  2. Okay, Thank you.
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