Cyborg R.A.T. 7 or R.A.T. 9

Hi everyone, I'm looking for a gaming mouse and I'm really impressed on cyborg R.A.T. mouses design but I can't decide on which one to buy. R.A.T. 7 or R.A.T. 9. can you help me.
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  1. i wouldnt if i were you. the rat mice aren't built all that sturdy and will break in no time flat. you would be better off with a mouse from logitech (or another "solid" mouse)
  2. thank you, now I'm looking for razer mouses.
  3. I use the R.A.T 7 myself, and as far as them not being sturdy what are you doing to your mouse? Mine has been fine for 2 years now without any problems just keep it on your mousepad and treat it nice. Though i the question is whether to use wired or wireless, that you should decide. I prefer wired for the faster connection and no dying battery.
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