Laptop confusion.which one to buy.?

im from israel,looking for a budget laptop (~950$).
im confused between some models-

dont think those are international models- so i will write the specs,

each one got the advantage at one aspect and disadvantages at other : ..
im not big gamer. but i do wish to play sometimes.

HP dv6-3010ej 870$
i3 350M .HD 320GB 7200rpm. ati radeon HD 5470 (512MB).4096MB DDR3

HP dv6-3115ej 870$
i3-370M .HD 320GB 7200rpm.ati radeon HD 5470 .3GB DDR3.

ASPIRE 5740DG 334G50 MN 980$
I3 330M .HD 320GB 5400rpm. ati radeon HD5650 1GB .4GB ddr3.

Aspire 5741G 434G50Mn 1040$
I5 430M.HD 500GB 5400rpm. ati radeon HD5740DG.4GB ddr3.
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums!
    Between those,the 3rd option has a significantly more powerful VGA,so its the best performer in terms of gaming.
  2. I don't really know how you intend to use your laptop. But my own experience is that, if one lugs the laptop around, one gets really tired of the weight real quick. I mean that. Really. For me (and I'm quite big) there's a distinct breaking point at around 7 lbs. I have a 6 lb laptop that I don't mind at all, and a 8.5 lb that I hate to carry anywhere.
    Another disgust that could quickly emerge is dissapointment with battery time. 2-3 hours look good on paper, but could screw you consistently in reality, particularly if those 2h are more like 30min if you actually _use_ the PC.

    I don't think you need to consider the CPU from a performance aspect at all. Avoid Atom and Neo, but above that anything double core should be fine. Take note that among the more energy conserving CPUs, a slight decrease in clockspeed comes at a substantially lower price.

    Considering how abyssmally awful Intel's integrated graphics are, it might seem discreet graphics is a selfevident choice, but I think you should consider how much battery time you'd want, because powerful discreet graphics sap the batteries rather fast. Both nVidia 9400 chipset and AMD's chipsets with integrated graphics are useable, and IMO preferable in a laptop that will be carried around.

    I cannot make a recommendation for you based on your choices, simply because I don't know how you perceive you will use this PC. The crucial issue, IMO, is if you intend to use this on batteries a lot, and if you will travel with it.

    If you see it more as a stationary PC, that you will have the freedom of moving about inside your home, then just go for a good graphics solution. Best display screen, nice graphics chip. Graphics chips with a '4' as second digit in the number are marginal for gaming. '6' is much better.
  3. tnx guys,
    vermail - this laptop will be used mainly at home,
    in other word syou think i should take the one with better graphics performance over the one with beter cpu (that is if i intend to play games with it).. ?
  4. I love the comfort of a real stationary desktop. A laptop can't match the experience of a 24, 26 inch bright, clear display, real keyboard and snappy response from real horsepower. That said, I know that many wants a laptop because of the flexibility of moving it around and convenience in storing it away. I'm just reminding you that a desktop is in fact both better and cheaper. And no laptop is exactly brilliant at gaming.
    But mobile HD5650 is roughly corresponding to desktop HD3850, HD4670 and HD5570, so it's decent enough and should be able to play 3D-games tolerably.

    I'm not aware that there is any HD5740 graphics, mobile or desktop, so that might be some misunderstanding? From what I've seen, Aspire 5741 series laptops come with a variety of graphics solutions, ranging from the horrible Intel, via nVidia 320M to mobile HD5470. And mobile HD5470 is not as good as mobile HD5650.

    As the owner of one laptop with a display I don't like (the most expensive one and heaviest one, ironically enough) - I think you should consider the LCD display also, carefully. It should be good and bright. This is what you have to look at and live with. It may be difficult, of course, to see the display of a laptop in real life before buying. Luckily, they seem to have become better across the board, than they used to be.
  5. vermil- 5740 is a mispell.. should be 5470.
    what is LCD display? all of the laptop comes with reflective screen.
  6. Nevermind, they are LCD displays, all. I just meant to emphasize that it was the display, screen, the thing you look at I meant, rather than some electronic chips inside.
    "reflective", you mean the glass surface? That is good in my experience. This is a matter of personal taste. You get some reflections in in the surface of them. Some people can't stand that, but I like them much better than the non-reflective. They seem to be brighter and clearer, IMO. More comfortable for my eyes, at least.
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