Activation code for win 7 security

please help my laptop wont let me acsess any of my files only if i dowload win7 defender but i costs about £80 im only 15 and dont have that kind of money to spend so does anyone have an activationcod so i can get i free?
thank you!
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  1. I am not really sure what you are asking here? Windows defender is free from MS as long as you have a valid copy of window. Since you have a laptop, I am assuming it came with a copy of some type of OS? If you are asking for a windows key, you won't find one on Toms. Look on the bottom of your laptop for a key, sometimes they are under the battery.
  2. You're laptop came down with a cold. Do a malware/virus scan immediately.
  3. That program is a fake, it is a nasty virus. Spending £80 will not fix the problem either. This is instructions on how to get rid of it Best of luck in this endeavor.
  4. Hi

    If the virus has encrypted your data files Kaspersky has a number of free programs to un-encrypt them

    There are many similar fake AV and ransom programs
    [some have messages in your local language and messages pretending to be from your local Police Force, (FBI, Metropolitan Police etc) relevant to your country]

    simplest have ink in a auto run location of one user ( you can dis-infect from another account )
    others are so deeply embedded you will have to backup your data and reformat and re install.

    report this crime and address you are requested to send payment to the appropriate authorities in your country

    You will probably need a computer expert to help you fix the problem,
    If you are still at a school the school IT department may be able to help you or recommend a local expert

    best of luck

    Mike Barnes
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