How to DEEP CLEAN Epson Arti

I have an Epson Artisan 50 that I'm using with a CISS. I like the printer but for the last several months I've had cleaning problems that the cleaning utility won't fix:

1. Yellow often will not print at all without repeated cleaning cycles.
2. Lots of streaking in all colors.
3. Printing of pictures (kids, etc) is really crappy because a particular color (usually yellow) will get spotty/stop printing/have missing lines at various points in the page, and because of streaking.

Is there a way to really clean this printer to return to like-new clean condition? Note that I've seen the more generic cleaning guides on line, but I can't figure out how, on this printer, to get to the print heads directly. Note that I've put a cotton swab on the cleaning pad to soak up extra ink.
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  1. only way to get it like new is to install epson ink and flush it through the print head with lots of cleans and get the crap ink out of there. If that doesnt work you are looking at print head replacement $$$$
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