When will DDR-SDRAM be available for the P4?

I contacted Dell yesterday to express my dismay that the P4 was configured with RDRAM. I ask two different sales people when will DDR-SDRAM be available for the P4? One did not know and the other said it will be summer. Summer seems awfully long considering that Intel has decided to drop RDRAM and go with DDR? Does anyone have any information as to when P4s will be configured with DDR?
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  1. Intel Did not drop RDRAM, they made a public statement that put Rambus into a negative light, but they still have a contract with Rambus that probably locks them together for awhile to come(parts of the contract are blacked out, draw your own conclusions). Anyways, I don't think Intel has any plans of their own to include DDR in a P4 chipset, and I don't see any 3rd party vendors doing it either just yet. So it's basically wait and see, and summer is *really* unlikely if you ask me, so I don't think that salesperson had any real info to back up that statment. Plus it isn't Dell's fault that they don't have SDRAM support for the p4, they're an OEM, not a chipset/motherboard maker
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