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I'm having serious problem right now. After a long time it's time to change my system. Even now I'm using Pentium 133@166 on Asus P55T2P4 mobo. It still has one advantage - it is really rock stable, to such an extent, that I have never seen blue screen on my NT4. I'd like to have the same stability on my new system. My budget allows me to choose following configuration:

Arena Chieftec Workstation DX-01W-D
2 * 128 MB SDRAM VCM Kingston
ELSA Gladiac 32 MB GeForce2 GTS
IBM DTLA307030 30 GB ATA100 7200rpm
Pioneer 115S, 16/40
Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 Player
3Com Etherlink III PCI TPO
1,44 MB 3,5"

Something's missing, doesn't it?

And here the problem begins. I've read many articles on such sites as tomshardware or sharkyextreme. They assure that Athlon based systems are rock stable, and significantly faster than Intel equivalents - so say the benchmarks. It means that for less money I would have had more powerful system. Unfortunately, the choice is not as easy as it appears... On many specialized NG such as alt.comp.peripherals.mainboard.asus. there are multiple posts concerning problems with AMD based systems stability. Random lock-ups, problems with 3D games, Win 2k, and so on, occur quite often... I don't know what to think about it, are opinions published on famous hardware pages worth crap, or maybe problems lie in specific configurations? I want a stable system, but I do not pay big $$$ for worse performance... Maybe here I'll find an interesting piece advice... Should I go for :

AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1000 MHz Socket A

or maybe the best choice now is:

Intel Pentium III 933 MHz
Asus CUSL-2

Please help me!

Thanks in advance

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  1. From personal experience, I have a Duron 600 on an MSI K7T Pro MB and it is rock solid and very fast. I wouldn't knock the PIII, though. From all I've heard it is a good processor, too. But I can't help you on the PIII Motherboards.
  2. I upgraded one of my computers last month and it was an intel 300mhz o/c 450mhz/abit mobo and it was also solid(Unfortunatly, I did get blue screens over it's life time). I found a really cheap amd athlon 700 cpu/ asus mobo combo and decided to upgrade it.

    The funny thing is that the guy at the hardware store kind of suggest that I upgrade to intel because he said it was more stable. Well I told the guy that I did not want to spend a couple hundred $ more for the equivilent intel. So I bought the AMD.

    Let me tell you it has yet to give me the blue screen of death. I use it everyday and for mostly everything except work(that computer cannot be attached to the internet). It is so far rock solid.

    700 amd slot A
    asus k7m(irongate- rock solid- not as many features as VIA)
    128mb ?SDRAM
    ibm 20 gb hdd 7200 rpm
    Old riva TNT 16 mb
    ls120 floppy
    pioneer cd-rom
    sblive Value

    I also have a 800 mhz pIII/asus mobo that I use for my work
    and it is solid too. Which I will be upgrading to a dual AMD system next year hopefully with the mamba chipset.

    Intel PIII and AMD Athlon/duron are great products. Reliability between the two is arguably the same. In the end it comes down to whether you want Intel inside or AMD inside. I choose AMD for myself cause it's cheaper and that gives me more money for my mouse fetish.

    The Celeron 300 is spending it's retirment in the internet box I built for my cheap accountant brother.

    "in the end it's all about holding your breath"
  3. i have a t-bird 800 on an asus a7v for 3 months now and i haven't had a problem yet...(win 98 SE)

    The a7v is a good alternative as well....
  4. AMD has come quite a long way to reach its current status.

    I became an AMD customer since the K5 days (I think I also have a 486 AMD chip somewhere) but since the K6 family, AMD has performed very well on stability.

    Most of the stability problems that I have now depend on the software and not necessarily the chip. I have a K6 233Mhz chip as my LAN server (not much of a server though, only does proxy and test stuff) running win2k pro. I also have a K6-2 400Mhz machine running winMe as well as a Duron 650Mhz running winMe. Right now, I'm about ready to crap out winMe and switch to win2k pro since winMe tends to act oddly. I think if you go with a win2k OS, then your computer should run perfect on any current chip (AMD or Intel) today.

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