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Dell inspirion 1564 failure?

My borther recently bought a dell inspirion 1564 with and i5 and integrated intel graphics, 4GB ram, and is always plugged in.

anyways surprisingly the graphic card does pretty well he gets around 60 FPS in LoL and 35 fps in WoW. however for the past 4 months after over an hour of play his FPS will rapidly drop from the norm to 0 in about 5 minutes. then Utter failure and he reboots and within seconds of the game being re-opened no FPS issue

At first i thought maybe the heat sink was falling off

i've ruled out overheating though some may not it seem to be doing fine on temp for the CPU with 76C max and a TJmax of 109C
the GPU may still be overheating but i doubt seeing as restart won't drop all the heat in it.

So to see if it was a hardware or software issue i formated and re-installed windows 7. Same issues all over again, and yes i re-installed all the drivers which i got from the dell website.

any ideas on what might be wrong?

if u need any DxDiag's or specs i can get them

and i have looked around for issues with this mostly its just webcam and youtube not working.
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    It sounds to me like it is a heat issue- either that or there is something faulty in it hardware wise. If it's new, I'd get in touch with Dell to see what the issue is, as it should be covered by the 1 year factory warranty. They'll probably have you send it in, but it should be free.
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