Windows aero problem

I recently had to install another copy of windows 7 onto my new ssd due to a boot file corrupting on my old hdd when I was fiddling around trying to get the ssd work.

After getting all the drivers for the graphics card, motherboard and all the windows updates, windows aero effects don't work properly. My graphics card is definitely compatible because it worked when i ran everything from my hdd.

The strange thing is that the aero effects work after I reinstall the latest nvidia driver, but when i restart my computer the effects no longer work and when troubleshooting it says the driver isn't compatible with windows aero effects.
I had this driver


installed before and I never had this problem.

If anybody knows anything about how to get the effects to work it would be greatly appreciated.

Graphics card: nvidia gtx 560ti
motherboard: asrock z77 extreme4
processor: intel i5 3570k
ssd: crucial 256gb m4
hdd: WD 500gb caviar blue
Anything else you need to know, just ask
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  1. i've fixed it now :)
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