Genius g-pen tablet grounding/shock issues

hi! sorry i dont know where to post this.
i currently bought a genius g-pen f509 tablet and after hours of use the tablet grounds when you touch it at the back. i like to have my tablet sitting at my lap when im doing some drawing. is this a common problem to other tablets such as bamboo tablets?
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  1. You mean there is a static shock from the static electricity build up from the back cover of the tablet?
  2. yap there is.. i dont know why but the back cover is plastic
  3. It doesn't development static charge when use on hard table surface, but only when you use them on your lap right?
  4. yes only in my lap. i have not experience it when i use it on the table coz i cant touch the underside of it.. this morning my gf was arranging my stuff on the pc and she moved the tablet (without me knowing) accidentally touched the underside of it and she was holding me so we both got shocked..
  5. Try wrapping a cardboard with tin foil and place it under the pad. Hopefully there is enough sink for the electrons to go.
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