Constant random BSOD when running 64 bit.

Hey all,

So my problem is that whenI 'm running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit I experience constant random BSOD's. This does NOT happen at all when I'm running 32 bit. My specs are as follows:

i5 3570k @ stock
8gb Vengence of 1333 ram
msi 670
corrsair 750tx

None of the above have ever been overclocked. I've tried updating my BIOS, running memtest, reinstalling windows from a fresh iso, nothing works. The crashes seem to occur at completely random times and always have a different message. I doubt I've tried everything but if you have any ideas/suggestions about what I should do it would be appreciated
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  1. Tested your RAM?
  2. Yes, ran memtest, no problems.
  3. This is a total shot in the dark, but...what are you doing when you're running 64-bit? Is there anything that super resource-intensive that you're doing solely in 64 and not in 32, like gaming or heavy processing? It's possible that it's not the OS, but rather something that's overheating, like a CPU or graphics card or something.
  4. rgd1101 said:
    Tested your RAM?

    This. You can't access all of your 8GB in 32-bit mode so it's likely that the faulty memory region is not accessible in 32-bit mode. Run memtest86+ for at least 1 pass.

    EDIT: There's a very very small but non-zero chance that the CPU itself has a flaw in one of the address lines that isn't accessible when the CPU is not in long mode (64-bit). I still think it's more likely that the RAM is bad. Try swapping sticks out; memtest86+ doesn't expose all memory issues (just most).
  5. I would guess ram first. In 64bit the ram allocation table is different and will use bits of the ram that are not used in 32. I would run ram test again on extended and let it go for 2 or 3 passes. This might take an hour or 2.

    If you already did that and it passed, chances are the issue is driver or a bad sector on the hdd.

    Run chkdisk and put a check mark in the option to detect and correct bad sectors. Let that run for a few hours.

    Lastly update all drivers. 32 and 64 use differnt drivers, maybe one of them is glitched. Start with the main board then the video and sound.
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