Low volume and no equalizer

I just recently upgraded to Windows 7, and I'm suffering from low volume and also the the old realtek control panel is gone so there's no equalizer.

Maybe if I update my drivers, it'll help;I have an Intel DG31PR so its a Realtek ALC888 audio codec. Where can I download those drivers?

But still though, try thinking of more solutions.

All help is highly appreciated!
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  1. The first thing you want to do is go to the hardware vendors website and see if they have new drivers, as well as the application software for Win7. Onboard sound? Head to your motherboard manufacturers website.
  2. I tried downloading from the Intel DG31PR support page and made sure i downloaded the most up to date drivers for my onboard audio and that its compatible with my Intel DG31PR but the problem is its too low and the realtek sound manager won't provide a multi-band equalizer! it provides EQ presets but still, I want the multiband EQ, and I still hav horribly low volume!
  3. hey guyz come on! atleast help me fix my low volume problem!
  4. dude im having the same problem with my asus realtek on board sound.
    On the drivers page i see the UI that lets you boost the volume and things like that.... but on windows 7 that UI dont show up.. only the same lame windows 7 interface and the dumb presets.
    Oh and the loudness equalization doubles the volume as long as theres only 1 thing making the sound. And im trying to play borderlands with my headset and each time i shoot a gun the volume drops half way. So lame.

    Cant stop thinking this is some kind of conspiracy to make people buy sound amps and expensive sound cards . . . .

    Plz if someone knows a fix to this, help us.
  5. I just bought a 300 PHP(7 USD) sound card, and all my problems got fixed, try to find a cheap sound card for ur PC....Windows 7 is the best OS but thats one issue LOL
  6. lol i cant even choose my back panel to be headphones ... only front panel, and i dont have any . . . gues ill have to subdue to the monopoly and buy a damn sound card even if i know i dont need one =\ ..............
  7. don't worry, it's bcoz I bought a six channel sound card, so its 7 USD, it'll be cheaper if u buy another cheapo one with less channels....anyway, just look for 'CMI8738' sound cards, thats the kind I bought...it pretty much sounds like an iPod/cellphone but better LOL
  8. lol ty ill look into that... but now i know not to buy any motherboards with realtek crap on them.
  9. given the fact that these sound cards are so cheap; it no longer really matters watever ur mobo haz, unless ofcurs u'd rather buy a mobo with X-fi, which is basically just enhanced onboard, be my guess:D
  10. I'm just mad i "upgraded" from an old motherboard and found out the sound on the new one is screwed up... =( but whatever , ill buy a card.
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