My Acer570Z will not boot when I type in my password it stay on the windows logo

I cannot log into my Acer 570Z laptop after i type in my password it freezes on the windows start up page withe the windows logo
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  1. If you have the recovery disk received with the laptop, try inserting it and rebooting your laptop, it could fix a startup error.
    Otherwise try get into the BIOS options and select recover from an older date or try to fix windows errors.
    I am way to lazy right now (sorry :S) to find out the exact commands to do it, but it's when you start up the PC, you get the option of pressing F2, F8, F10 or F12. Then follow the instructions.

    EDIT: Here is how to use the recovery tool:
    Credits go to buwish from a post in another thread.
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