Windows 7 wont recognize usb devices

Hello, I just recently installed windows 7 home premiuim on my windows vista home premieum computer. When my computer booted up with windows 7, everything worked perfectly and had no problems. I turned off my computer for the night and the next morning when i went to turn on my computer, none of my usb 2.0 devices (mouse, wireless adapter, etc.) worked. The only thing that does work is my keyboard and its a PS/2 keyboard. PLEASE HELP!!!!!
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  1. What is your PC specs ?
  2. GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 6150 SE
    CPU: AMD Phenom 8400
    HDD: 320 GB (Not sure what brand, it came default with computer)
    RAM: 3GB DDR2 Dual-Channel (Came default with computer)
    The rest of what I know is that its Gateway desktop, I know my way around a PC, but this is a little tricky
  3. thI also went to my Universal Serial Bus controllers on my Device Manager and there are 2 icons with yellow triangles with exclamation points inside them that say USB Root Hub
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