Dell U3011 30' Monitor - Worth it for gaming? Can my GPU handle it?

Hey guys, first off I'd like to thank you all for doing a great job helping everyone with their builds!

Anyhow, Dell's $150 off coupon expires tomorrow and I wanted some opinions on whether or not I should drop $1,323 (with tax) bucks on their 30'.

Basically my first main use for it would be Diablo 3, and other entertainment (videos, ps3, etc.) At the moment I don't think my system would be able to handle it (8800 gtx, dual core) but I do plan on getting a new system before Diablo 3 comes out.

My new system would have something along the lines of an Nvidia 680, or similar, 8gb of ram, and a decent ivy bridge or sandy bridge CPU. Would that be able to handle the monitor at 2560 x 1600, or would I need to buy another 680?

Also, would it be worth it to give up another $100 to upgrade the 3 year warranty to 5 years?

Thanks so much guys!

Link to a good review:

Link to Dell product page:
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  1. probably yes one 680 will handle very well most of games at that resolution with 2GB of VRAM, maybe when you are going to buy your new system you will already find the 4gb version or something like that, it will be better for high resolutions like that one.

    But anywais only some specific games will be affected by the memory, most of them will run perfectly on the system with a 680.

    And of course your system now (8800GTX) will handle the monitor. but for gaming at that resolution you will need to drastically reduce graphics, if even on very low settings you still with framerate problems, just use the same resolution you are using right now with the same graphics... and you will play with the same performance...
  2. If you have no issues with spending the money, it's a good monitor, although you can get the 27" model for a lot less and that is plenty big enough for PC use. Or even a 24" one for PC use, and get a 32" or 37" TV for consoles and movies. A 24" monitor and a 32" TV would be less than the one 30" monitor.

    For over a 1k monitor, I'd get the extra warranty.
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