Windows7 clean installed but really slow bootup and shutdown!

Okay this is giving me a big headache...First i will start with my computer specs then i'll tell you the problem if someone can help asap will really be appreciate it i know it has been asked many times but i have googled and googled spending hours in to this but no help yet.

SO specs are:(im getting all this info right off the system info)

Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2180 @ 2.00 GHZ 2.00GHz
Installed memory(RAM): 3.00GB
Sytem type: 64-bit operating system
Hard drive - 80GB

Motherboard: Desktop board media series intel DG33TL

I just clean installed windows 7 ultimate 64-bit i have tried 32 bit as well but i have had no difference in booting up i did not install anything yet as the boot up is very slow i have tried different hard-drive as well i have 2 80 GB hard drives one is maxtor and one is WD both are IDE...i disconnected everything extra that i had on my comp like Nvidia Geforce GTX 460 video CARD using on board video card i had a wireless card installed took that ooff as well took off the extra fans i had. Previously i had windows xp installed and it working very smooth so i have no clue what can it be as there is no virus before i installed it i had cleaned it up and installed it clean.

If there is anyone who can be a help i would really appreciate it im wondering should i put windows to update and update bios as well? im not sure if it gets updated also when you install windows? im not very computer geek know a little bit. Let me know if any other info i can provide please.
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    Your hardrives are slow, and you're using a large amount of them to store your OS. Obviously it will be really slow.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply so you do suggest for me to get new hard-drive? As i did read in other posts that it can be hard-drive so i was searching for one do you suggest this will be good enough? WD Blue (WD10EZEX) 1TB SATA3 6GB/s 7200RPM 64MB Cache (OEM)
  3. Yup, it will improve since your old one is IDE ones...

    edit: just for comparison (roughly) IDE had bandwith of 100MB/s (some are 133 MB/s), SATA 150 MB/s, SATA2 300 MB/s..

    Don't mind about SATA3, they only a marketing for mechanical HDD and only can be utilized by SSD (for now)...
    it had bandwith of 600 MB/s
  4. ill give this a try as well.Hope this does improves the problem
  5. Okay this has been solved thanks alot for all your help new problem has accure though my geforce gtx 460 video card wont work though
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