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Hello all,
I bought the Acer 8920G when it came out (Don't ask my why, but the main reason was because it was the 1st 18.4" screen laptop)(About 1600 euro's)

After 2 happy years working with is, my screen went red and had several other weird reactions...
So I brought it to a store who then send it to Acer in the Netherlands. (About 650 euro fees. new keyboard, motherboard, HD, GPU etc etc...)
They then fixed the laptop, send it back and I was in a hurry as I travel a lot.

When I arrived at my destination I started using the laptop on battery and found out the charger wasn't working...
So, by force for work, I bought a new laptop but HP(who still works).

now my Acer warranty is fully over and I am not going to pay another high price for that piece of crap.

So another local shop tried fixing the problem and have even tried a new power chip without positive results.

My question to you all is:
Can I attach my charger instantly to the battery?
I don't care if the laptop's battery is stuck in it and if the cable will be attached to the laptop for ever.
View picture, it may help explain :P

I am not a smartass in power specs at all, so i wouldn't know if it would harm my battery and motherboard if I do this cycle.

Thank you!

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  1. There really isn't a safe/reliable way to do what you are proposing. Do you know if the problem is the charger or the computer? Have you tried using another charger to rule out this issue? If not, do that first.
  2. We tried everything to fix it.
    if it is to buy 2-3 new chargers, universal and original models, buying new feeding chips from the cable to the motherboard, etc etc...

    This is the only way we still are aware of that might work out...
    The shop who did the tests for me are recognized as one of the best in Italy, so these guys are no joke. But asking them this question is something I would avoid as good costumer...

    I don't have a problem with attaching the wires directly to the battery, as I like to play around with cables and such but for music sound systems. (I DJ on Events we organize and therefore bought line array speakers.) So I'd want the laptop to work again so we could VJ easier with another PC.
  3. If you look at the battery, the power connector that it uses to connect to the system is on the part that is inserted into the cavity at the back of your system. Looks like a little row of square teeth. Those teeth slide into a connector inside the battery cavity. You might be able to disassemble a battery and then connector a AC adapter directly to the connector from inside the now empty battery casing.

    You could alos try to find a replacement motherboard for the Acer (has the AC adapter connector integrated into it) and replace it (really not hard). This would be WAY safer than any sort of kludged connection.
  4. I would simply use a (I don't know the exact term, but the metal melter), make a whole under the laptop for the cable and attach it directly where the battery is connected, I have some experience in it, not that I would take a to big risk. I was only wondering if the power of the battery is different then the AC adapter before frying the whole system board...
    I won't mind having the AC adapter connected directly onto the laptop. Basically Id' be an all-in-one desktop PC in laptop size hehe :P
    We already replaced everything, nothing wants to work except having the battery charged onto another Acer laptop and place it in my laptop, which then works for an hour or 2.

    Thank you for helping me out COLGeek!
  5. No, the AC adapter puts out the same power as the battery. Metal melter = soldering iron. Good luck and try not to burn the house down! [8-)
  6. Case closed and appreciated your help! (And English knowledge haha!)
  7. charlesdkd said:
    Case closed and appreciated your help! (And English knowledge haha!)

    Its all good. Best wishes. HOOAH!!!
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