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Program auto-launching

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Last response: in Windows XP
November 27, 2002 2:55:46 AM

I have a puzzling problem in XP Pro. I installed Eudora as my e-mail program, and made it the default. It would launch at startup even though it wasn't int he startup folder. If I'd close it, it would re-launch every couple of minutes. Changed every setting I could find, but no luck, so I uninstalled it and tried Netscape in it's place. Now Netscape is doing the same thing. If I use Outlook Express as the default e-mail program, this does not occur. I much prefer Netscape for e-mail, but this is really pissing me off. I've checked several places with no hints on solving this. There's nothing in the Startup folder, nothing in msconfig, and nothing obvious in the registry (though I wasn't about to start messing there too much) that would point to the source of the problem.

Help! It's driving me nuts.

The PC is my own construction, with a clean HD and a clean (legal) install of XP Pro. ABIT IT7, P4 2.4B, 1x512MB PC2700, 80GB HD, ATI 64MB video, Antec 330W TruPower, DVD-ROM, CD-RW, etc


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November 27, 2002 5:17:23 AM

Check your services from start run menu and type in services.msc. Find whether any of the program services is running automatically. You might want to set it to manual enable if it is there... Just a suggestion, not necessary to be there cos I never use netscape...
November 28, 2002 12:52:56 AM

tried disabling auto check for mail?

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November 28, 2002 5:53:22 PM

I checked services, but could not find anything that clearly pointed to Netscape (or anything even close). I disabled auto-check for e-mail, but it had no effect. Interestingly it always auto-launches the browser, not the e-mail app, but if I have any type of Netscape window open, it does not launch an additional window. Only if I close out of all Netscape windows. Again, I had the same problem with Eudora, so I question if the problem is in Netscape, and not in the OS somewhere. The only time I avoid this auto-launching is if Oulook Express is the default e-mail app. Another plot by Bill Gates!

November 28, 2002 6:24:35 PM

Very unusual considering I had Netscape install with XP and experienced no such problem. What version of Netscape and Eudora?

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November 28, 2002 11:03:15 PM

Then maybe you should try to check on Netscape or eudora's settings and their options...
November 29, 2002 8:05:58 PM

The most current downloads in both cases: Netscape 7.0 and Eudora 5.2. I've checked every place for settings and preferences that I could find, and there is nothing that has worked. It's such an irritating "feature" that I am sure it is some sort of a bug, and not a preference you can select or not.