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I upgraded to windows 8 from windows 7 using the Microsoft upgrade assistant i want to put windows 7 onto an other pc will that void my windows 8/7 key for installing windows 7 on to my other pc.
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  1. If you done an upgrade it will typically have its own product key. Look at the packaging that came with the Windows 8 disc and see if you see a product key or did it prompt you to enter one? It also depends on if the version of Windows 7 that you had prior was OEM or retail.

    You can find more information in regards to the different versions of Windows 7 HERE.
  2. I bought windows 7 new from a shop. I did get a key for my windows 8 the keys are not the same.
  3. So will it be ok to install windows 7 on my other pc. Thanks for the help
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