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How do you run the Quake 3 demo benchmark that gives the FPS report ??
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  1. nm, i found it by searching the forum, but does anyone know where i can get the special Nvidia quake 3 demo benchmark that tom uses?
  2. hit "~" (no quotes) will bring down script
    type "timedemo 1" <return>
    type "demo demo001" <return>
    sit back and watch
    hit "~" and there are your results

    Now be careful in comparing these! There are some many settings that vary and if you look at benchmarks online you will notice that they have no sound card. It makes a big diff putting the sound on low, wonder if now card is even better? hmm But besides your system settings there is all the marks on walls, force model . . . . . .

    <b> Fragg at will!!! </b>
  3. thx u

    hmm I ran the demo1 at 1600x1200 with all graphics high quality... with anisotropic filtering 32 bit color the whole 9 yards.. and my p2 400 geforce2 gts beat toms p3 1000 geforce2 gts by almost a full FPS (WITH sound)

    i guess at high resolutions the video card is whats slowing the comp down
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