Administrator does not changes to user troubleshooting

my administrator account does not changes to user and the user account does not changes to adminstrator account.
i had changed my administrator to user and guest account to administrator.
now another account is also is not being created.
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  1. Why on earth would you DO that?

    Now anyone who guests onto your machine has admin rights. Sounds like someone poned you.

    You may have to reimage the box.
  2. Why do u need to change admin account?

    if u need another client/guess account, u simply add them...
    if u are the new admin person of the pc, just change to new admin password (all pass that connected to the account) usually enough..
  3. No it isn’t.

    Granted, this was my job from 07-10 so I am a little anal about it.

    If you have an administrator account that is named Administrator, you have let the potential hacker in on half the information he needs to know to crack your box. Now he can concentrate on your password.

    But most don’t bother with that. Most 4chan botnet builders rely on rootkits downloaded willingly onto a computer by the user. Usually happens when someone is surfing p0rn using an admin account, or having given themselves admin privileges, which is the same thing.

    Any webpage you go to with admin privs inherits your admin privs. If the page has malicious code on it, you’re owned.

    Some small amount of effort on your part when you set up your system can make you a harder target, and therefore much less likely to be part of a botnet:

    1. Rename your admin account and only use it for admin purposes.
    2. Establish a (minimum)12 character password for the admin account that has upper, lower case, special characters and numbers in it. Write it down somewhere safe and never use the same password on facebook, steam or any online service.
    3. Establish user accounts for everyone else and never give a user account inflated privs.

    Those are some things you can do to make yourself a harder target and discourage people from trying to hijack your system.
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